In 2013 I wrote articles for Wellness Way magazine, which is an online magazine based in Ubud, Bali. The content included writings about wellness, fashion, beauty, travel, inspiration and lifestyle. Wellnessway magazine was the company that sponsored me during my 4 months internship. Other than writing articles my tasks were mailing the brands, in order to ask information about products and press releases; attending to events, workshops and cultural festivals in Ubud, as well as assisting the photographer.

Having graduated in Translation and Interpreting, in 2014 I started a Master Degree in Travel Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. For a project as part of the Master Degree in Travel Journalism I created a blog accompanied by four other students. We called “Mauka-Makai” that blog. There we wrote travel and cultural content in Spanish inspired by the lessons that we took: about travel photography, travel literature, media and journalism 3.0 or anthropology.
We traveled to Morocco in team to develope the final task for the Master Degree. We were sponsored by a travel agency called “Grup Xaluca” which provided us all the facilities during the trip as an exchange. The result of it were 15 short multimedia pills (mixing video, audio and pictures) for them to improve their social media. We also created for “Grup Xaluca” a thematic magazine (with both text and pictures) about the Cinema in Morocco. The target of our project were the clients of “Grup Xaluca” that were interested in a thematic experience. From Morocco we posted on-the-road articles on our blog “Mauka-Makai“.
In the same period and while enrolled in the Master Degree, I also contributed to RGB magazine with an article in Spanish called “Globetrekkers with no limits”, that can be found online.
I’m opened to any experience around the travel industry as well as to collaborations on the journalism or translation fields.

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