Internships in Indonesia

Honestly… the best way to explore a foreign country is moving there. After one month in a new territory is when you will stop being shy and you will start to look at the small details that surround you. You will begin to interact with the environment then.

Besides traveling for holidays as most people do, there are other ways to explore the world as joining an internship program in a new culture. You just need to choose the destination and the internship options. In Indonesia there are several companies that give support during the preparation stage and throughout the time of the internship. I can recommend the ones that are familiar to me: one prepares internships in Bali, while the other one in many more places in Indonesia.

Documenting the Ubud writing and readers festival during the internship

Documenting the Ubud writing and readers festival during the internship

Positive aspects of doing an internship:

-You will gain confidence and self motivation

-You will test yourself

-You will disconnect from your day-to-day routine

-You will learn from yourself

-You will improve in a particular discipline (depending on your internship)

-You will learn from a new culture

-You can make new friends

-You are getting out of the well known comfort zone

-You will improve your CV

-You can practice languages


Myself trying to play the gamelan with a Balinese

What you need to know about internships in Indonesia? Internships are not at all paid because it is not legal to work in Indonesia with a non-working visa. Some internship programs provide accommodation and food but not what we call a ‘salary‘. Actually you will need the help of an intermediary company to place you somewhere during the internship. They will arrange your visa too.

Do you need to pay to do an internship in Indonesia? The company that arrange your internship will charge you a fee at the beginning of the process. They work legally, they deal with bureaucracy and visas and they help with whatever you might need.

Why is it recommended to go solo on an internship? That is part of your CV and you should take it as serious as it was a job. It is a personal experience after all. Traveling solo sometimes is better than traveling with friends or in pairs because starting a conversation with a stranger becomes easier. When you move and settle down in a new place you will meet new people, you will do new activities and that will bring you to start new relationships. The world is full of like-minded travelers, there are also certain locals interested in your activities, and there are students who may have come to the same place as you for the same reasons.

Ubud gamelan

Documenting a gamelan session in Ubud

In my case, I finished my studies and I wanted to gain more experience in the field of journalism, so I looked for an internship that appeared to meet my expectations. I contacted several intermediary companies (mentioned above) and before the payment one of the companies even prepared a Skype interview to know more about me and find a suitable internship.

What you need to know about the visas for an internship in Indonesia? The visa that you will use is a socio cultural one. This visa is valid for 60 days and later needs to be extended every month at immigration of the area in where you will be staying in Indonesia. A sponsor and the intermediary company will be not only helpful but necessary to manage the whole process. There is a limit of times to extend this visa (back in 2013 and until 2015 it was up to 4 times). Don’t forget to double check the regulation updated at the embassy of Indonesia in your country.

During my Internship period I enjoyed and had so much fun. I learnt and gained experience, I got used to life on the island of Bali,  I met many people that are now my friends and I traveled a lot around Indonesia.

Everyone should go abroad for a life time experience of learning.


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