A traditional barber salon in Jakarta

There are so many shopping malls in Jakarta where you can find modern barber shops and well equipped hairdressers. However, the prices there are very high and I wanted to discover the traditional barber shops from the small neighbourhoods. Those places in which an old man has accommodated his hand to the scissors forever and he knows all his customer’s life and favorite hair cuts.

Green Young Coconut ©  A salon in Jakarta

Green Young Coconut © A salon in Jakarta

That small business that I visited is located in Jalan Fatmawati and the doors are open so it’s easy to get in. There is no billboard with the schedule or the telephone number, so apparently no one needs to call in advance to make an appointment. On that day there were two more men waiting outside while they were reading the newspaper.

The old barber man uses a water dispenser to make the hair humid and then he starts to cut, alternating the scissors with the razor. He has skills and the movements with the hands seem agile. After finishing the hair cut, the barber starts to make something like a strong and powerful massage in the neck and shoulders. According to the customers face, the barber’s hands are golden and experienced.

For that service customers pay between 20.000 and 25.000 IDR, which in euros is around 1,8.


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