A walk into the streets of Jogjakarta

I woke up in Jogjakarta (Central Java) and I went out into the street to capture the daily activities of the Indonesian. It was my third time in this city but on that day I just wanted to let myself be surprised by the life and atmosphere of Sultan Agung‘s street.
Green Young Coconut © The floor at the Kraton

Green Young Coconut © The floor at the Kraton

Rice is the most consumed food in the world. The Indonesians eat it in every meal, some of them even for breakfast. It’s easy to find boiled rice anytime in restaurants or warungs. That woman was selling rice, cereals, grains and beans.

Green Young Coconut © Woman in a shop

Green Young Coconut © Grains vendor

Some steps later, the combination of colours blue and red in a broom caught my attention. They remind me to the colours of the soccer team of my city.

The brooms in Indonesia are usually made by straw or cane. Even if it’s easy to find the modern ones made by plastic, many families still prefer to use the traditional ones.

Green Young Coconut © Broom

Green Young Coconut © Traditional broom

In all Indonesia is common to find food stalls and street vendors everywhere. That happens because eating outside is already an extended tradition. They usually carry a cart with prepared traditional food. Some other vendors place the stall and small kitchens always in the same location so everyone know where to find them when they are hungry.

Green Young Coconut © kid drinking juice

Green Young Coconut © A kid drinking in a food stall

As I continue my walk in Sultan Agung’s street I come across with many interesting shops. There are dentists, mechanicals, perfume stores and shops that sell Muslim clothes and accessories. Most of the population in Java is Muslim and is common to find that kind of fashion for girls, but there are certain cities like Jogjakarta or Solo where there is also a big amount of Christians.

Green Young Coconut © Muslim fashion shop

Green Young Coconut © Muslim fashion shop

The streets of Jogjakarta have something unique: the becaks. The becak is a vehicle that can drive up to three people. Originally the driver was the one cycling and pushing with big effort. However, nowadays some of the drivers invented a new vehicle with the same structure but with a motorbike engine.

Green Young Coconut © Becak driver

Green Young Coconut © Becak driver

The Kraton (the Royal palace) is always crowded and most of the visitors are foreign people or local students. Jogjakarta is known as the city of art and culture, that’s why many schools bring their students for a day-trip. Furthermore Jogjakarta have special conditions because is still governed by a Sultan. It belongs to Central Java region but it works as a separate administrative entity.

Green Young Coconut © Students walking to the Kraton

Green Young Coconut © Students walking to the Kraton


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