Traditional food in Ubud

Ubud is growing as a culinary destination in Bali and there are many interesting restaurants of all kinds. From tempting vegetarian places and fancy cafes to “westernized” Indonesian restaurants. There are also warungs and “rumah makan” that since long time ago serve flavorfull traditional food, genuine and cheap . That’s this post all about!

Our selection of places here combine tasty recipes from all Indonesia.

Green Young Coconut © Food from Igelanca

Green Young Coconut © Food from Igelanca

  1. Dewa warung

Very popular warung located in a quiet alley. The prices are affordable and you can eat many Indonesian and Balinese dishes such as tempe, gado-gado, cap cay, crispy noodles, chicken curry etc. There are three long tables where you can meet new people while you eat.

Price for a meal: 25,000 Rp = 1.6 €

Must try: Chicken curry, banana juice or mint- lemon juice and coconut pie.

Address: Jalan Goutama

Green Young Coconut © Dewa warung in Ubud

Green Young Coconut © Dewa warung in Ubud

2. Igelanca (pronounced “Igalancha”)

Two-floors warung with a colorful decoration and mouthwatering flavors. Almost always food comes with a hot tea included in the price.  You can usually find local people hanging out at Igelanca.

Price for a meal: 28.000Rp = 1.9 €

Must try: Nasi campur vegetarian (tempe, tofu, rice, beans, corn and spicy fried potatoes) or cah kangkung udang (vegetables with sauce and shrimps).

Address: Jalan Raya Ubud, by the post office

3. Mangga Madu 

Pleasant terrace with different seating options (tables with chairs or low tables with cushions on the floor). It’s all the way up in Jalan Raya Ubud but it’s worth it. The food is enakwhich means yummy in Indonesian and the prices are reasonable.

Price for a meal: 27,000 Rp = 1.8 €

Must try: sayur hijau (combined vegetables that comes with chicken or shrimp), koloke (chicken with sweet and sour sauce) or tuna curry.

Address: Jalan Raya Ubud behind Arjuna statue

Green Young Coconut © Traditional food Ubud

Green Young Coconut © Traditional food from Ubud

4. Warung Ijo

Surprisingly cheap warung owned by a Muslim family. It’s located right at the center of Ubud and even if the venue looks simple the buffet system they use is very practical. The food taste good and they give mini-bananas for free. You can order from the menu or use the buffet (they give you small cards with the prices of all the food and drinks you choose and you pay at the end).

Price for a meal: 18,000 Rp = 1,2 €

Must try: nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken, vegetables and fried egg). The taste is very particular because they add spices.

Address: Jalan Raya Ubud, not far from the market

5. Nasi padang (sanak)

Padang food comes from the island of Sumatra and those restaurants called “nasi padang” have become very popular all around Indonesia. You can find at least one in every town. There’s a lot of variety (vegetables, rendang, tempe, tofu, chicken, potatoes, corn etc.) and you can make your own combination. The food is exposed behind a stained glass but it’s cooked each morning. Padang food is sometimes spicy but it’s a must if you visit Indonesia.

Price for a meal: 20,000 Rp = 1.3€

Must try: Rendang (beef) with vegetables and perkedel (round smashed potato).

Address: North of Jalan Hanoman (by Jalan Raya)



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