A native Spanish from Barcelona in Indonesia. I’m a translator and a travel journalist specialized in Indonesia. I do support the travel writing industry and the travel blogger community all based on the information-sharing


Having graduated with a degree in translation and interpretation, I decided that I wanted to experience life in this big archipelago which I have visited previously during holidays.

In 2013 I moved to Ubud for four months where I did a journalism internship. Other than writing articles in an online magazine, I attended events, music festivals and workshops. I got used to traditional food and to some habits and it definitely was a learning experience that helped me out to vision what I wanted to do in life later.



While I was based in Bali I traveled around and it allowed me to get familiar to the island rites from a non-touristic perspective. Since my very first time here I had a special chemistry with this country, its values and its people. I just felt the need to go deep and deep into the language and the way of life. It’s funny because the more I learnt, the more I knew how much I didn’t know about Indonesia.

I was back again in Barcelona in 2014. I started a Master degree in Travel Journalism which seemed to be tailor-made for me. Later I started a relationship with an Indonesian boy. Since then and in 2015 I have been between Barcelona and West Java.

ubud gerhana sari


When I am in Indonesia most of my people are local which has made me change my habits and has made me immerse myself into their culture. There’s always something new to learn from the people and the experiences that come into our lives.


Here, with this new project I want to advise on how to travel around Indonesia as well as to express my passion to this country through articles and short insights, that is what I love doing.