Travel advice

If you can’t wait to know more about the archipelago or if you need specific advice to plan your trip to Indonesia, I will be so happy to share with you all my knowledge of traveling around Indonesia.

Your requests will help me out to continue the discovery in order to keep following my work, as well as posting articles and information about Indonesia. Everyone can contact me from anywhere in the world. If you need a more detailed guidance, I will adjust to your plan, your budget and your interests when assisting you. Just contact me.

Indonesia is huge and there are many islands therefore a good synchronization and a smart planning can be the key to make the most of your time.

How can I help?

  •  Itinerary arrangement
  • Routes that avoid the crowd and the landmarks
  • Plans for a local approach 
  •  Acommodation and booking tips
  •  Transport planning
  •  Specific information supply

I’m not a travel agent and I don’t sell transport service, tour packages or organized excursions. Instead, I’m a travel journalist specialized in Indonesia, I do support the travel writing industry and the travel blogger community all based on the information-sharing and the knowledge partnership.

Let’s get it started!