The perfect itinerary to travel around Indonesia

I have been receiving lots of emails and Facebook messages for the past months. Some were from friends, friends of my friends or even unknown people that needed help to arrange their itinerary to travel around Indonesia. Everyone wants to plan their very own adventure and everyone has different interests but more or less these were the 2 types of messages I have been reading more.

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Prambudur temples and the management of tourism in Central Java

Prambanan and Borobudur temples are always a must in a trip to Jogjakarta. Two different architectural wonders yet inseparable, that’s why we call them the “Prambudur” combination. Furthermore, the price of the tickets if you buy the pass for both Prambanan and Borobudur in the same day will be cheaper than just one of them.

Green Young Coconut © Local visitor in Jogjakarta

Green Young Coconut © Local visitor in Jogjakarta

Borobudur in early morning is so mystical. From the top of the 3 levels and sorrounded by stupas the views of the vegetation mixed with the mist makes it so unique. Continue reading