The perfect itinerary to travel around Indonesia

I have been receiving lots of emails and Facebook messages for the past months. Some were from friends, friends of my friends or even unknown people that needed help to arrange their itinerary to travel around Indonesia. Everyone wants to plan their very own adventure and everyone has different interests but more or less these were the 2 types of messages I have been reading more.

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Bali itineraries

There are certain common routes that people follow when they travel to Indonesia, in that case to Bali. The routes vary when the purpose of the trip is specific like when it’s only a surfing trip or a yoga retreat experience. However, the vast majority travels with the same intentions: having fun, getting to know the culture, trying the local food, learning about the traditions and reaching as much as “must see spots” as possible.

Green Young Coconut © Bali fishermen

Green Young Coconut © Bali fishermen

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