Indonesia long-term

Did you love Indonesia in your first visit and you have decided to stay longer for holidays, learning about the culture, surfing or even to do an internship?Your foreign company placed you in Indonesia and you have to settle down for a long period?

You have fallen in love not only with the country but also with an Indonesian?

Staying in Indonesia for long-term requires adaptation and time. Actually no country looks the same when you visit it for a short period in comparison with when you settle down. Moving to Indonesia is not easy because there are many steps to follow, specially regarding the visas. In some areas, as a foreign, you will notice the double standards and specially in Bali some sellers can act money-oriented and will try to overcharge you. You just need to be aware.

On the other hand, living in Indonesia will make you appreciate the small things of life. The rhythm of the daily activities is relaxed and you will discover that you can be more patient and flexible. Most of the people out of the tourism sector are extremely generous, there’s a lot to learn from them in many aspects. The language bahasa indonesia is simple and easy to learn and the Indonesian food is delicious and full of intense flavour.

Indonesia long-term in that blog is a comical category packed with funny stories and anecdotes of my experience staying in Indonesia.


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