Local matters

Some people don’t really interact with the places they visit. For them it is easier to do the same as other tourists and to remain behind from a distant perspective, far from the reality of each destination they travel to. It is true that to speak about the term reality is to speak about black and white, about everything and about nothing, because it always depends on the different ways of seeing life according to each one. However, places are always there, and the people who lives in it or are raised in it, will always know more than the newcomers or than those who are just passing through. Don’t you agree? This way so, which is the aim to visit some country or some spot? It should be to learn and see what happens in that place and to discover what locals do there. In every trip everyone should act like an explorer from the past times arriving to unknown lands full of curiosity.

Local matters will be filled with articles about Indonesian cultural and social aspects and this section will be divided into different categories and subjects. It will contain posts about life in different islands of Indonesia but always from the perspective of a foreign that is living a local life, most of the time surrounded by locals.


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